A variety of bottled and canned tea brands on a wood table
Ranking Popular Bottled Tea Brands From Worst To Best
15. Zevia
Zevia Blood Orange Earl Grey Tea is only vaguely fruity with a very subtle Earl Grey tea flavor. The drink is sweet but has a distinct and unappealing artificial taste.
14. AriZona
AriZona Cucumber Green Tea with Citrus has an overbearing cucumber flavor and is too acidic. Due to the significant sugar content, it’s not very refreshing either.
13. Gold Peak
Gold Peak Green Tea has barely any tea flavor and mostly tastes like sugar with only a hint of floral notes. However, it doesn't taste bad.
12. Steaz
Steaz Peach Green Tea has a distinctly peachy flavor that may be too intense for some. It's slightly sweetened, but it doesn't have an overwhelming sweetness.
11. Twrl
Twrl Plant Based Black Milk Tea is a good option for those who don’t tolerate milk well. However, it contains pea milk, which doesn't have the best consistency or flavor.