Multiple jars of different brands of olives
Ranking Jarred Olive Brands From Worst To Best
22. Litaly
Litaly's black olives are very watered-down. In addition to being bland, the deceptively glossy olives taste tough and dry, with a tannic aftertaste.
21. Della Natura
Della Natura's Olive Medley Mediterranean Recipe is one of the most affordable jars of olives you'll find on the market, but they leave a bad taste behind.
From their pale, sickly appearance to their excessively salty brine, these discount olives are flavorless and leave behind a strange, metallic aftertaste.
20. Pearls Specialties
Pearls Pitted Medley are some of the most gorgeous olives, coated in herbs. Sadly, the olives' earthy, bitter flavor is a huge letdown.
19. Market Pantry
These manzanilla olives are visually indistinguishable from any other on the list and have a shockingly high sodium content at 330 milligrams per five olives.
18. DeLallo
DeLallo's manzanilla olives aren't quite as disappointing as Market Pantry's, but they still have an odd, coppery aftertaste that feels unusual for jarred olives.