Colorfully wrapped Ghirardelli chocolate squares
Ranking Ghirardelli Chocolate Square Flavors
11. Chocolate Caramel
The combination of white chocolate and caramel makes this flavor too sweet. One little square is fine, but eating more could prove to be a challenge.
10. Double Milk Chocolate
This flavor, named for its double dose of cacao delivered by a decadent chocolate filling, may be a little too luxurious for most peoples' taste.
9. Milk Chocolate Caramel
This flavor consists of a solid milk chocolate exterior hiding a gooey, caramel filling, which is cloyingly sweet and breaks up the rich cocoa flavor.
8. Milk Sea Salt Caramel
Whether it's due to the overwhelmingly rich caramel flavoring or the proportion of salt to chocolate, the sea salt in this flavor is barely recognizable.
7. 86% Cacao Dark
This flavor has an incredibly high cacao content of 86%, which makes the cacao flavor a bit too overwhelming for most peoples' palettes.