Mac and cheese in a white bowl resting on checkered cloth
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Ranking Fast Food Mac And Cheese From Worst To Best
14. Mr. Chicken
To say Mr. Chicken’s mac and cheese is inedible is an exaggeration, but not by much. The noodles are overcooked and gummy, and the sauce is watery, gritty, and flavorless.
13. KFC
KFC’s mac and cheese is served hot with noodles cooked al dente, but the positives stop there. It has a serious lack of cheese flavor, and the sauce feels more gluey than creamy.
12. Golden Chick
Golden Chick’s version of mac and cheese looks like such a soupy mess that you may have trouble eating. Once you try it, you’ll find it has a disappointingly bland flavor profile.
11. Bush's Chicken
Bush’s Chicken mac and cheese is simply made with elbow pasta and cheese sauce. It's not unique, but we think it's fairly tasty, though some critics find it bland and watery.
10. Boston Market
Boston Market’s mac uses spiral rotini pasta, and though it holds a lot of sauce, it's sometimes cooked to a limp texture. The sauce lacks real cheese flavor and is quite salty.
9. Panera Bread
Panera’s broccoli cheddar mac doesn’t compare to the chain's tasty broccoli cheddar soup. The cheese sauce is thin with a chalky aftertaste, but the pasta is often well-cooked.
8. Bojangles
Bojangles’ version of mac and cheese is as classic as it gets, made with elbow pasta and a creamy sauce. The pasta is cooked well and the sauce is rich, creamy, and a little sharp.