Row of Jarritos bottles in different flavors on a white surface
Ranking Every Flavor Of Jarritos
12. Mandarin
The mandarin flavor pretty much tastes just like an orange soda. The drink is certainly tasty, but there’s no shortage of other tastier orange sodas out there.
11. Lime
The lime is citrusy and has a similar bitter finish to the mandarin flavor, but the lime has the pro of there not being many straight-up lime sodas on the market.
The drink could use a bit more carbonation to give the soda more lift. While it can make for a great cocktail mixer, it's a bit boring and nothing spectacular.
10. Passion Fruit
The passion fruit flavor has a slightly overripe quality to it and doesn’t quite nail the sweetness, but it's still more interesting than the mandarin or lime.
9. Watermelon
The watermelon is more palatable than the passion fruit and comes closer to the right flavor, but its extreme sweetness replaces the juiciness you get from watermelon.
8. Mexican Cola
Jarritos cola is pretty good, but it just isn’t the top cola drink out there. However, the drink is extremely versatile and can be used in many recipes.