Slices of cornbread on parchment paper
Ranking Boxed Cornbread Mixes From Worst To Best
10. Martha White
Martha White is easy to make, requiring only water and the mix, but the mix is dry when prepared and even more parched when it comes out of the oven.
Its flavor has some buttermilk notes in the background, but there's also a chemical undertone, almost as if a pinch too much baking soda or powder was added into the dry mix.
9. Old El Paso
Old El Paso's Cinnamon Churro cornbread mix offers an overwhelming aroma of cinnamon and sugar upon opening the box, as well as being noticeably clumpy.
It has a consistency of time-hardened brown sugar and is hard to remove from the package. The cornbread has an oddly porous texture, akin to a cupcake, and is too sweet.
8. Marie Callender's
Marie Callender's is simple to make, but has a dry mixture and is gritty, almost like there are smaller cornmeal pieces that create a sandy texture.
The grittiness carries over to the post-baked goods, too, but the flavor is quite reserved yet buttery. They easily pop out of the tin and hold their shape well.
7. Krusteaz
Krusteaz is the only mix that has buttermilk as a key ingredient. It comes out of the box without any clumps and other add-ins disperse into the batter easily.
The muffins come out without any major mangling issues and have a distinct shine, solid height, and are relatively compact. However, the flavor is a bit lackluster.
6. Jiffy
Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix is a breeze to mix up with other ingredients, pop into a muffin tin, and bake, but removing the muffins from the baking tray is a bit difficult.
The flavor of these muffins is out of this world. Each one is buttery and ethereally soft, making for a muffin that isn't particularly mealy, but is still pleasurable.