Ranch dressing poured from dish onto salad
Ranking Bottled Salad Dressing From Worst To Best
14. Kraft Zesty Catalina
Though it’s pretty easy to make salad dressing, sometimes it’s more convenient to go with store-bought, but you should skip Kraft Zesty Catalina Dressing.
Given the price tag, this Zesty Catalina Dressing isn’t worth it. It’s overly sweet with a too-rich texture and lacks any zest with a taste more like plain tomato sauce.
13. Signature Select Italian
While Signature Select is an affordable store brand available in many stores, their Italian dressing is only just passable.
The flavor is thinner than other brands and is overall lackluster, with a taste similar to barely-seasoned oil and vinegar. There are plenty of other, better options to buy.
12. Trader Joe's Goddess
Not to be confused with Trader Joe’s ultra-popular Green Goddess dressing, the chain’s Goddess dressing is better left on the shelf.
With a tahini base, the dressing is too thick and has a too-strong sesame flavor that overpowers the other ingredients and any dish that you might pair with the dressing.
11. Hidden Valley Ranch
Hidden Valley’s Ranch Dressing is iconic with its creamy, buttermilk base and zesty flavor that pairs well with veggies, pizza, or salads.
However, there are a few drawbacks with the dressing, as its strong flavor will essentially mask the flavors of anything you pair it with, making it best for bland bases.
10. Wish-Bone Balsamic
Wish-Bone’s Balsamic Vinaigrette pairs olive oil and balsamic to create a savory, fruity dressing, but ultimately, it lacks a robust flavor and texture.
Compared to other Wish-Bone offerings, the Balsamic Vinaigrette seems lower in quality, with a thin texture and lackluster flavor that’s not up to par.