Bowl of mayo with olive oil, dill, and nuts on the side
Ranking 9 Plant-Based Mayos From Worst To Best
9. Thrive Market
Thrive Market's vegan mayo is made with fava bean protein and avocado oil and comes in a squeezable bag with a spout and screw top.
The mayonnaise has an off-putting yellow-green color, and an equally unpleasant, watery texture with a sour, bitter flavor, making this option best left on the shelf.
8. Bowl & Basket
The in-house brand of ShopRite, Bowl & Basket's vegan mayo seems to have a bouncy texture and will likely yield a mellow taste — but looks can be deceiving.
Despite being thick and far from liquid, nothing could save it from its incredibly slimy consistency. The flavor was shockingly sweet, courtesy of added sugar.
7. Simple Truth
Simple Truth is a Kroger brand touting limited-ingredient foods, like their vegan mayo, made with canola oil and pea protein, among other ingredients.
The mayo isn’t the worst but it has a noticeably gelatinous consistency with unpleasant, congealed globs, making it too gooey for most uses even if its mild flavor isn’t terrible.
6. Chosen Foods
You may recognize Chosen Foods for its popular avocado oil, and the brand also offers sauces, dressings, mayo, and a surprisingly pleasant vegan mayo.
Avocado oil gives this vegan mayo a decadent, creamy texture, while additions like vinegar, mustard flour, and rosemary extract give it a bold, zesty flavor.
5. Good & Gather
Target’s in-house brand Good & Gather makes a vegan mayo that is well worth trying thanks to its affordable price, rich texture, and versatile flavor.
Made with canola oil, vinegar, mustard seed, and lemon juice, the mayo has a neutral, slightly sweet flavor and decadent texture that pairs well with many dishes.