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Ranking 30 Fast Food Sauces From Worst To Best
30. Jack in the Box Frank's Red Hot Buffalo Dipping Sauce
This sauce is just Frank’s Red Hot with some grated carrot added, which doesn’t amp up the flavor much, and we expected more from a place with many other fantastic dipping sauces.
29. White Castle Zesty Zing
This White Castle sauce has horseradish and tomato paste, but it tastes fairly insipid and flavorless. For some true zing, try the Dusseldorf Mustard or Hot Sauce instead.
28. Burger King Ranch
Once beloved by fans, Burger King’s new version of ranch is on the opposite side of the quality spectrum. Its flavor is odd and, weirdly enough, both bland and a little sour.
27. Taco Bell Nacho Cheese Sauce
Taco Bell’s Nacho Cheese Sauce isn’t bad, but it’s the only non-hot sauce option at Taco Bell. Plus, the recipe changed in 2015, and fans seem to prefer the old one.
26. Jack in the Box Creamy Avocado Lime
This Jack in the Box sauce is a guac-adjacent dip flavored with lime and cilantro, which blends very well with tacos and even fries. It adds a fresh flavor to old standbys.