chocolate almond popsicle and ice-cream wafer
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Ranking 25 Ice Cream Novelties From Worst To Best
25. Scribblers
Popsicle’s Scribblers ice pops look like colorful crayons, but looking beyond the visual appeal, they're always hard and hurt your teeth, and the fruity flavors are lackluster.
24. Screwball
A Screwball is a snow cone with one or two gumballs at the bottom. The cherry and blue raspberry flavors are bland, and not even worth eating to get to the hard, frozen gumball.
23. Snow Cone
Popsicle’s Snow Cone has notoriously hard ice that is difficult to eat, and the syrup on the ice isn't as flavorful as expected. It eventually melts down into a tasteless slush.
22. Fun Pops
The “juice” in Fun Pops tastes a little chemical-like, not to mention that they’re wrapped in an annoying plastic seal that is nearly impossible to open without a pair of scissors.
21. Bubblegum Swirl
Popsicle’s Bubblegum Swirl ice pops look fun with their pastel swirls of pink and blue, but the flavor is gross. Good Humor didn't even include gumballs in this discontinued pop.