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Ranking 21 Popular Sandwich Chains
21. Subway
This chain has been subjected to multiple scandals over the years, which has caused a decrease in sales. The chain went through a revamp to increase consumer confidence.
20. Quiznos Sub
Relying on a pre-made menu, the flavors at Quiznos fall short. The chain has been declining for some time and only has a few hundred locations left in the U.S.
19. Blimpie
Blimpie’s was inspired in the 1960s by Jersey Mike’s. Imitating them worked at first, but Blimpie’s closed more than half its stores between 2001 and 2011.
18. Portillo’s
This eatery is popular for its Italian beef sandwich. Despite being a Chicago classic, there are better local restaurants in Chicago to get this specialty.
17. Jimmy John’s
Before its popularity and expansion, this chain faced multiple food poisoning outbreaks, which suggest that food safety is not the company's priority.