Trader Joe's signboard
Ranking 20 Trader Joe's Candies From Worst To Best
20. Fruity Gummy Candies
The Sweet and Deliciously Fruity Gummy Candies take the flavor and shape of various fruits but taste like any squishy, fruity candy you get at gas stations.
19. Oat Chocolate Bars
These dairy-free chocolate bars, made with oat milk, taste somewhat like chocolate-flavored oatmeal and are less creamy than the ones made with cow's milk.
18. Sour Gummy Candies
Consisting of tiny little green orbs resembling peas and glittery, leafy-topped orange "carrots," the Peas & Carrots Sour Gummy Candies showcase creativity.
However, the sourness isn't vibrant enough, and the candy part underneath all the sourness wasn't interesting or inventive, either. The candies seem watered-down.
17. Milk Chocolate Candies
The Bite-Sized Candy-Coated Milk Chocolate Candies are Trader Joe's version of M&Ms. However, they aren’t impressive enough in terms of taste and texture.
The candies come in a pastel color palette with gentler shades, but apart from that, they almost seem like M&Ms in alternative packaging; even the coating’s thickness is similar.
16. Soft Licorice Twists
A step up from the candy world’s usual grapes, strawberries, and oranges, the Trio of Soft Licorice Twists offers green apple, raspberry, and mango flavors.
Texturally, the candies are soft but toothsome. Although better than expected, they ranked so low because licorice candies are unlikely to be an anytime snack.