Frosting poured over cinnamon buns
Ranking 20 Little Debbie Snacks From Worst To Best
20. Christmas Cordials
Little Debbie snacks are nostalgic treats, but if the Christmas Cherry Cordials were your childhood favorite, you should skip them as an adult.
Made of a "cherry" crème between two vanilla cookies coated in chocolate, the treats are overwhelmingly stale with a medicinal flavor and a general artificial taste.
19. Powdered Mini Donuts
Prepackaged donuts are a difficult thing to get right, and Little Debbie’s Powdered Mini Donuts are a lesson in what not to do.
From the dry, dense texture to the stale, underwhelming taste and slight chemical quality, these powdered donuts hardly compare to other Little Debbie products.
18. Frosted Mini Donuts
Just like the Powdered Mini Donuts failed, Little Debbie’s Frosted Mini Donuts hardly deserve to be called donuts.
The donut itself is very dry and lacks any noticeable flavor while the chocolate coating has a waxy texture and doesn’t taste much like chocolate.
17. Christmas Tree Cakes
Although visually appealing with a festive Christmas tree shape and colorful decorations, Little Debbie’s Christmas Tree Cakes miss the mark.
Once you take a bite, the festive cakes give way to vanilla cake layered with crème, making the treat overall too sweet while the texture is overwhelmingly dry.
16. Donut Sticks
Little Debbie’s Donut Sticks are the best donuts the brand has to offer, with a less dry and stale quality than the mini donuts.
Bigger than the mini donuts, the Donut Sticks retain more moisture and have a fluffy yet dense texture, but their quality and flavor is still nowhere near that of a fresh donut.