Various bags of Trader Joe’s chips piled together
Ranking 19 Trader Joe's Chips
19. Veggie Flax Seed
These chips are vibrant and nutritious but lack any distinct flavor profile beyond a vague taste of paper. Their texture is thick, brittle, and tough.
18. Quinoa Black Bean
With a slightly better texture, these chips were still boring and nearly flavorless with only a hint of black bean flavor, leaving them plain and unremarkable.
17. Vegetable Root
The texture of these chips is slightly tougher than a traditional potato chip and they offer marginally more flavor, but they could use some more salt.
16. Cassava Chips
Despite having more flavor than the veggie chips, these cassava chips are one-dimensional. They feel pretty mindless to eat and break very easily.
15. Olive Oil
These chips are fried well, giving them a consistent texture and coloration. However, they're pretty bland, save a subtle bittersweetness from the olive oil infusion.