Variety of Trader Joe's seasoning blends in a shopping cart
Ranking 18 Seasoning Blends At Trader Joe's
18. Cheesy
TJ's Cheesy Blend leaves an inedible flavor of artificial cheese on the tongue that is hard to shake or mask. The taste is similar to processed cheese, but much worse.
17. Ketchup
The Ketchup Sprinkle Blend’s overall flavor comes across as synthetic and unpleasantly sweet. The blend completely fails to capture the tangy sweetness of real ketchup.
16. Pizza
Trader Joe's Pizza Sprinkle Blend has a bland and uninspired flavor profile that seems devoid of character. It tastes sort of like pizza-flavored seltzer water.
15. Ranch
The ranch is another blend that tastes artificial. This blend is surprisingly and overbearingly sweet, likely because of the "buttermilk flavor powder" ingredient.
14. 21 Salute
Trader Joe’s 21 Seasoning Salute includes a ton of spices mixed in. The seasoning includes too many spices, and it ends up tasting like nothing in particular.