two frappuccino drinks from starbucks
Ranking 18 Of The Best Starbucks Chocolate Drinks
18. Iced White Mocha
This white mocha over ice is topped with sweet cream cold foam and caramel, which both get lost in the drink's overall sweetness. The add-ins feel unnecessary.
17. Hot Chocolate
This chocolate-y classic is thin and watery at Starbucks, with a standard flavor and no texture or depth. It’s great for kids, but the drink lacks personality.
16. White Mocha
This basic drink is a saccharine explosion of chocolate. However, it desperately needs something mature in the flavor profile to take away from the sweetness.
15. Iced Caffè Mocha
While this iced drink is certainly chocolatey, the mocha sauce is a little bitter. Sweeten it by replacing half the mocha pumps with white chocolate mocha.
14. Chocolate Chip
This drink contains mocha sauce and Frappuccino chips that are blended together. The flavors are good, but the texture suffers due to the chocolate chips.