bottles of different kinds of honey mustard
Ranking 17 Honey Mustard Brands From Worst To Best
17. 365 By Whole Foods
This honey mustard has no honey flavor and tastes more like plain Dijon. For it to work, honey is needed to balance out the vinegary flavor of the mustard.
16. Great Value
This standard honey mustard is too plain to stack up against its competitors. It leans a bit too far toward honey and not far enough toward mustard.
15. Meijer
The flavor of this honey mustard doesn’t stick out, but there is a slight balance between the honey and mustard. It was just fine when paired with a chicken nugget.
14. Maille
This hot honey Dijon mustard boasts its inclusion of Mike's Hot Honey, but the spice is barely detectable. It also has an odd aftertaste that's reminiscent of chickpeas.
13. Signature Select
This chain-owned honey mustard has an okay flavor as far as honey mustards go, but when paired with a chicken nugget, this condiment doesn't offer much.