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Ranking 16 Craft Soda Brands From Worst To Best
16. Original Stewart's
Original Stewart's sodas are creamy, full-bodied, and come in glass bottles. However, they use high-fructose syrup and artificial flavors, which ruins that "old-fashioned" taste.
15. Jones Soda
Jones Soda has a rich taste that comes from inverted cane sugar and natural and artificial flavors. While the soda is great, newer brands have arrived and raised the bar above it.
14. Zevia
Zevia makes decent zero-sugar sodas with no artificial ingredients, but they don't pack a rich, sweet flavor like sugary sodas, and have an unusual taste due to the use of stevia.
13. Swamp Pop
Swamp Pop uses natural flavorings, and some fruit flavors even include actual fruit pulp. However, these sodas can be extremely sweet, so some may prefer lighter options.
12. Dad's Root Beer
Dad's is a classic brand that is famous for its root beer. The brand's flavors don't have the nuance of modern sodas, but this is sure to please vintage soda devotees.