Ranch dressing in a white bowl
Ranking 15 Store-Bought Ranch Dressings From Worst To Best
15. Chick-fil-A
The Chick-fil-A Garden Herb Ranch Dressing has the creaminess of ranch and a slight tang, but the punch of the zest is too sour to let the other ingredients shine.
However, it can be a great dip, especially for Chick-fil-A fried chicken. The thick pour is ideal for a chicken tender, and the acidity might cool down a spicy buffalo wing sauce.
14. Kraft
Kraft’s Classic Ranch Dressing offers a mild zing followed by a funky aftertaste. Lacking in flavor, it hardly has any of the seasonings you'd expect in a ranch dressing.
It is creamy and has ranch's signature tang but may lend itself better to chicken tenders or crudités, as it’s thicker and has no spices to distract from whatever is being dunked.
13. Marzetti
Marzetti’s Classic Ranch is made with buttermilk, which you can only smell. It offers a tinge of acidity that quickly fades and lacks ranch's herbaceous, punchy flavor.
It’s too dense, coming off more like a mayonnaise that's neither salad-friendly nor a good dip. The richness is too overpowering to let complementing flavors make the dressing pop.
12. Krasdale
Krasdale’s Creamy Ranch Dressing is thin and light and will serve better as a dressing than a dip. Despite its thinness, it’s super creamy and is quite affordable.
If you're looking for a ranch that checks all the boxes, Krasdale isn't exactly ideal. It lacks any garlicky or herbaceous notes, and the faint sour bite takes too long to surface.
11. Whole Foods Market
The 365 Whole Foods Market Organic Ranch Dressing is liberal with peppercorns and takes the tang up a notch but is rather bland with minimal garlic and herbs.
As evident by the long list of ingredients on its label, the dressing being organic doesn't necessarily translate to being nutritious or artisanal, but it is an affordable option.