Packages of Haribo gummy candies
Ranking 15 Haribo Gummy Candies From Worst To Best
15. Sour S'ghetti
The Sour S’ghetti from Haribo comes in small pieces. The fruity flavors in each piece are certainly present, but the texture can feel a little like wax.
14. Berries
The outside of these gummy berry candies looks exactly like a raspberry or blackberry. They’re advertised as crunchy and chewy, but the crunchy bit is pretty mild.
Although the raspberry and blackberry pieces each offer different flavors, neither one is particularly similar to the fruit they claim to replicate.
13. Happy Cola
These Happy Cola gummies have flavor elements of Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and a little Dr. Pepper. Really, it's an off mix of popular brown cola varieties.
12. Fizzy Cola
With a light sour coating, the Fizzy Cola gummies have more life to them. The texture is plump, not too hard, and offers an enjoyable bite.
11. Frogs
These little frogs are green on top with the same kind of milky white bottom that the clouds have, and they are thicker like the clouds as well.
Though it’s surprising to see peach as the chosen flavor, the flavor is actually less strong than the scent itself in these gummies.