Various brands of bagels
Ranking 14 Store-Bought Bagel Brands
14. O'Doughs
When you open a bag of O'Dough Thins gluten-free bagels, you'll find them impressively moist and spongy — a texture that isn't often associated with bagels.
The bottom of the product is completely soft and sheen. Like other gluten-free bread products, it has a mushy quality and becomes a mushy ball in the mouth even before it's chewed.
13. Udi's
Udi's gluten-free bagel looks porous and spongy. It's a frozen bagel, which when microwaved for a minute turns dry and stale after just 20 seconds on the counter.
The bagel's flavor is a bit off and has an unappetizing chew, and its flecks go to the back of one's molars. They aren't cut down the center, so they're difficult to pull apart.
12. Dave's Killer Bread
Made from organic, whole grains, Dave's Killer Bread has a tangy aroma. Once the bagel halves are opened, you can detect more complex rye notes.
When eating a piece of this bagel sans cream cheese, it feels like eating a big piece of mealy wheat bread. There isn't a bagel-like chew, nor a distinct pull.
11. Thomas' Bagels
Thomas' bagels taste mostly of wheat. They have a spongy outside, but there's no contrast between the consistency of the crust and the inside of the bagel.
This bagel is so tall that it's difficult to eat it with a bacon, egg, and cheese filling. However, it's round like a true bagel and isn't as mealy as other lower-ranked brands.
10. David's Deli
David's Deli bagels are relatively easy to split, thanks to the clear perforations on the side of each bagel. They are smaller in size than most other bagel brands.
It's dry and more muffin-like than bread-like. A swipe of cream cheese helps improve the consistency a bit, distracting from the bland bagel underneath.