Lineup of various Canadian beer brands
Ranking 14 Popular Canadian Beers From Worst To Best
14. Labatt
One of Canada's oldest beer brands, Labatt umbrellas a portfolio of 10 breweries. Its most famous brew is undoubtedly Labatt Blue.
Labatt Blue claims to be a pilsner, with just enough bready character and a touch of hops that offer refreshment. It's not great, but it's clean, light, and uncomplicated.
13. Kokanee
This is a pale lager made using the stream-fed waters of British Columbia's mountains, delivering a simple yet satisfying drinking experience.
Golden in color and with a decent head, the sweet, bready, grain-driven flavor of Kokanee gives it a great base for its restrained hops to balance in a very drinkable beer.
12. Molson Canadian
Widely distributed and immediately recognizable, the classic Molson Canadian is an uncomplicated lager without being too watery or underwhelming.
With a pleasant golden malt character that's not too sweet, the slight bitterness creates balance. It's not a beer that craft aficionados love, but it's an easy-drinking staple.
11. Sleeman
Rather than centering on one product, Sleeman offers a few different styles. Popular go-tos include Sleeman's Cream Ale and its Original Lager.
The cream ale is smooth with little bitterness and a biscuity, corny flavor and medium body. Original Lager is a golden, easy-drinking lager that's ultimately unchallenging.
10. Moosehead Breweries
Moosehead's Canadian Lager is the most famous of its beers, offering a crisp and refreshing experience at a quality bracket.
The classic Moosehead Canadian Lager offers complexity in its malt notes, with a moreish biscuity note and a honey-like sweetness. It also delivers a dash more hops.