Pizza made from slices of various kinds of pizza
Ranking 14 Pizza Styles From Worst To Best
14. Altoona-Style Pizza
Hailing from Altoona, Pennsylvania, this pizza features a thick, Sicilian-style crust with tomato sauce, salami, green bell pepper, and American cheese.
With its fluorescent yellow cheese, the pizza resembles an open-face grilled cheese. Additionally, this style's size is too weighty and massive.
13. St. Louis-Style Pizza
St. Louis-style pizza has all
the makings of a good pizza. There's a fair amount of toppings, while the sauce
is often well-balanced
and flavorful.
However, the crust of this pizza is wicked thin, creating structural issues. Instead of mozzarella, it is topped with a mix of Swiss, provolone, and cheddar.
12. Pizzaz
Philadelphia's pizzaz pizza is
a South Philly staple made
with the basics: onion and tomatoes for toppings, a solid crust, and American cheese.
This style of pizza is missing a key component that brings the pizza together — sauce — which could be because of the particularly wet toppings like tomato.
11. Colorado-Style Pizza
Colorado-style pizza is made with a honey-infused crust
that imbues it with a sweet flavor. The crust is also
rolled to develop a crunchy, unique texture.
Unfortunately, the crust is overwhelming and throws the entire pizza out of balance, which may be due to the excessive amount of honey.
10. Greek Pizza
New England-style Greek pizza is cooked in a circular dish, which gives it a very doughy, crispy, bread-like crust
coated in olive oil.
There is also often a fair amount of mozzarella, cheddar, and provolone cheese on every pie, which makes them very weighty and overwhelming to eat.