bags of salt and vinegar potato chips
Ranking 13 Salt And Vinegar Chips From Worst To Best
13. Good & Gather
This Target brand has a musty flavor and undertone that gives the impression of staleness. The vinegar is pronounced in its sourness and is not enjoyable.
12. Pringles
These chips taste bready, like they were baked and not fried. The very faint salt and vinegar flavor and odd texture puts this chip toward the bottom of the list.
11. Lay’s
These salt and vinegar chips are thin and fragile, without any added texture. They aren’t potato-forward and are overly salty with a less-than-satisfying vinegar punch.
10. Deep River Snacks
These chips don't stand out in flavor or texture. Greasy with a distinct aftertaste, they are suitable when you're craving chips, but they could be better.
9. Harris Teeter
These chips are thick and the edges are almost crusty, which give a unique texture. The salt and vinegar flavor is potent, at the expense of the other flavors.