Various brands and types of soy sauce lined up on a dark reflective surface
Ranking 13 Popular Soy Sauce Brands From Worst To Best
13. Kroger
Kroger soy sauce is intensely salty, given its 1,340 milligrams of sodium per tablespoon. It has an overwhelming salt flavor and a chemical-like bitterness.
12. Bragg
Bragg liquid aminos have an unfamiliar, unpleasant taste. It has a watery consistency, a greenish hue, and has a flavor akin to jerky, leather, and tobacco.
11. La Choy
Like Kroger, La Choy has a lingering chemical taste and is far too salty, but has a little more balance. The brand's soy sauces are also gluten-free.
10. Simple Truth
While savory, salty, and acidic, Simple Truth soy sauce is too sharp, lacking the subtly sweet and bitter notes it needs for a rounded, complex taste.
9. Kimlan
Kimlan's naturally brewed soy sauce is bold with a nice savory quality, but it tastes very acidic. The sourness is a bit off-putting, but it may work well in some recipes.