A variety of store-bought pudding brands stacked up on a white surface
Ranking 12 Store-Bought Pudding Brands From Worst To Best
12. 365
365 Whole Foods Market pudding cups are vegan, gluten-free, and soy-free, but unfortunately, the pudding is lumpy rather than creamy, and the flavor isn't great either.
11. Nilla
Nilla banana pudding has an artificial taste akin to banana Laffy Taffy. The wafers didn't save the product either and turned out to just be stale cookie dust.
10. Petit Pot
Petit Pot's oat milk pudding also includes coconut milk, which takes over all the other flavors. The texture is also very strange, going from solid to slimy over time.
9. Kroger
Kroger's off-brand pudding cups taste very artificial without any other memorable attributes, but they're still a better option than some of the others on this list.
8. Snack Pak
Snack Pak pudding has a decent texture and doesn't have much of an artificial taste, but the flavor is rather bitter and, at some points, even salty.