An assortment of ice pop boxes
Ranking 12 Store-Bought Popsicle Brands From Worst To Best
12. Budget Saver
Budget Saver Twin Pops taste very artificial and are very difficult to break apart without damaging one of the pops, but they could still be good for parties.
11. Signature Select
Signature Select Ice Pops are budget-friendly, but they don’t offer the best quality. The ice pops ultimately taste like artificially flavored water.
10. Friendly's
Friendly's Ice Pops also taste very artificial and aren’t great most of the time. However, on a hot day, these icy treats can still sometimes hit the spot.
9. Popsicle
Popsicle offers a wide selection of ice pops, so there’s a better chance of finding something to like. Unfortunately, many of the flavors taste watery and artificial.
8. Bomb Pop
Like the others, Bomb Pops have that artificial taste, but they also have a more concentrated and tastier flavor than their cheaper counterparts.