Various store-bought donut brand donuts on a wood surface
Ranking 12 Store-Bought Donut Brands From Worst To Best
12. Snack Planet
Snack Planet’s Cinnamon Mini Donuts are very doughy and taste almost raw and uncooked at the center. However, the biggest issue is definitely the amount of spice.
Each donut is plagued by an excessive amount of spice. There also seems to be another spice present with the cinnamon that makes the donuts feel like they’re not meant to be eaten.
11. Little Debbie
These Frosted Mini Donuts have a very subdued sweetness with a dry and drab cake and a very thin layer of chocolate that doesn’t help the taste much at all.
10. Hostess
Hostess’ powdered Donettes are very artificial-tasting. Each donut is well-coated with a cloud of white dust, which absorbs the flavor of the packaging.
The porous yellow substance inside is also subpar, with a texture that teeters on stale. The larger white bags might be a safer bet, but these did not impress.
9. Aldi
Aldi’s Bake Shop Chocolate Frosted mini donuts come across as more of a dark than milk chocolate product, and their thick coating results in a bold, sumptuous taste.
The cake portion is just a small step above lifeless, and the donuts leave you with a hint of oil in the aftertaste, but $3.15 for a pack of over 20 donuts is still a great deal.
8. Entenmann's
Three of the four flavors in Entenmann's variety pack are mediocre. The old-fashioned is dry, with hardly any moisture behind its dense, cakey texture.
The donut finishes off with a bit of lemon essence. This same taste is copied and pasted into the glazed donuts, but each donut is much lighter in consistency and more sugary.
The crumb-topped donut is essentially a coffee cake with small pellets of cinnamon paste. Fortunately, the chocolate-frosted donut tasted much better than the rest.