Containers of vanilla ice cream
Ranking 12 Grocery Store-Brand Vanilla Ice Creams
12. Walmart’s Great Value
The Homestyle Vanilla has a bad texture and flavor, which tastes artificial. The ice cream has a list of 16 ingredients, none of which are vanilla.
11. Aldi’s Sundae Shoppe
Vanilla beans and extract are two of this ice cream's 18 ingredients, but unfortunately, so is corn syrup. Its crystalized texture has a bland flavor.
10. Gelatelli By Lidl
This brand’s Homestyle Vanilla ice cream scoops well, but it lacks a strong vanilla flavor. One factor that might turn you away is the lack of a seal.
9. Target’s Favorite Day
Target’s Vanilla Bean ice cream includes corn syrup and high fructose corn syrup. While it does have natural vanilla flavoring, it lacks a vanilla punch.
8. 365 By Whole Foods
The Organic Vanilla Bean ice cream has lots of vanilla beans. It has a smooth texture and tastes good, but it’s crystallized, which might not be appealing.