Cans of chickpeas stacked on each other
Ranking 12 Canned Chickpea Brands
12. Iberia
These chickpeas are small and tough and contain disodium EDTA to keep the color quality. When roasted, they come out dry and not at all crunchy.
11. Westbrae Natural
This brand is organic and pricey, but the product is very bland. When roasted, the flavor becomes overwhelming and extremely dry.
10. Good & Gather
Target’s in-house brand had very small chickpeas. They were hard, but they had a tasty, mild flavor; sadly, they get mushy and have less flavor when roasted.
9. Eden Foods
This brand contains kombu seaweed, which has stabilizing properties for the aquafaba. The legumes are a good size with a sweet taste and come out crunchy when roasted.
8. Bush’s Best
Consumed raw, these legumes are tough and too salty, but they have a nice flavor. After roasting, they have a light crunch, delicious flavor, and great texture.