Various bottles of Kirkland seasonings and spices
Ranking 11 Popular Kirkland Spices And Seasonings At Costco
11. No Salt Seasoning
Kirkland's Organic No
Salt Seasoning suffers
from a multitude of
disparate ingredients
forced together with an inconsistent flavor profile.
The taste of this seasoning
is rather overwhelming and confusing on the palate. Its
lack of clarity and inability
to replace salt makes it
an unappealing option.
10. Organic Chopped Onion
Kirkland's Organic Chopped Onion seasoning ranks low
due to its inability to replicate the flavor and texture of
fresh onions.
Alone, they're about as oniony tasting as Funyuns. While this seasoning may seem practical at the moment, it's only worth it if you don't have access to fresh onions.
9. Minced Garlic
While Costco's Minced Garlic is convenient, it makes sacrifices in flavor and texture when compared to fresh garlic.
Packed in water that dilutes the flavor, this pre-minced garlic's dullness pales in comparison to the aromatic punch of freshly chopped garlic.
8. Everything Bagel
Kirkland's Signature Everything Bagel Seasoning doesn't taste inherently bad, but its tendency for salt separation compromises its reliability.
7. Granulated Garlic
Kirkland's Granulated Garlic falls short due to its lack of complexity and aroma. There's not much of a genuine garlic flavor upon first taste.
This could be useful to have
on hand in the pantry for a
rub or spice blend, maybe
even a lazy soup, but don't
expect it to replace real
garlic in your cooking.