Bowl and bags of varying styles of Tostitos chips
Ranking 10 Tostitos Chip Styles From Worst To Best
10. Organic Yellow
The Organic Yellow Corn chips have good texture, but the taste is a little bland. The corn taste dissipates quickly, and the lack of salt becomes apparent.
9. Thin & Crispy
The Cantina Thin & Crispy chips are crispy, easy to chew, and have a balanced flavor. The downside to these chips is that they break easily when dipped.
8. Original Restaurant
These big chips are salty and crunchy. The chips have a moderate corn flavor and don’t leave you feeling too full, but they’re not the most unique.
7. Multigrain Scoops!
These are nutty, with a toasted grain taste and sweetness at the end. The chips are easy to snack on, but the flavor is too different from a tortilla chip.
6. Baked Scoops!
Baked scoops are a bit dry and hard to eat, but great for dipping. Though not perfect, these are a great choice and a good representation of the baked style.