Different brands of canned beans in a stack
Ranking 10 Popular Canned Beans Brands
10. Bush's
Bush's vegetarian baked beans have a bit of sugar, which makes the beans unpleasantly sweet, which can work if you're using the beans as a topping for savory food.
However, if you're simply eating them as a side dish, you may not like that sense of overwhelming sweetness. Adding vinegar-based hot sauce may balance these beans out nicely.
9. Signature Select
Signature Select's black-eyed peas come pre-seasoned and have a decent flavor. They aren't too salty, but the beans themselves were a bit on the mushy side.
It may not be an issue if you're cooking the beans down quite a lot, but if you use them straight from the can, opt for a brand that offers a better texture.
8. S&W
S&W's kidney beans are a good standard bean option when you just need something basic. These beans are firm and may require extra cooking to turn them soft.
These are the perfect beans for a bean salad because you still get some of that texture that works well with crunchy vegetables.
7. Trader Joe's
Trader Joe's great northern beans have the right amount of salt but don't offer many varieties. They're still good if you want the absolute basics.
6. Whole Foods 365
Whole Foods 365 offers good flavor and a wide variety of beans that aren't found elsewhere. If you use this brand in recipes, the results won't disappoint you.
The brand's organic garbanzo beans are delicious, and they held up well when simmered and crisped up nicely in the oven. They aren't too salty but aren't bland, either.