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Ramen Vs. Ramyun: What's The Difference?
When you think of ramen, Japanese instant noodles probably come to mind, but Korea has its own version of this product: ramyun. These foods have similar names and can be bought in a variety of flavors, but the biggest difference is that "ramen" also refers to a not-so-instant noodle dish, while "ramyun" starts and ends with instant noodles.
The ramen that is most popular in the U.S. is just an instant, processed version of "real" ramen, a traditional Japanese noodle soup that can be as fancy as its instant cousin is cheap. Great ramen is a combo of fresh noodles, well-crafted broth, and plenty of toppings; meanwhile, Korean ramyun refers exclusively to instant noodles.
Ramyun is usually spicier than ramen, and is paired with Korean-leaning toppings such as cheese, but this instant product is not derived from a non-instant-dish; all ramyun is a Korean take on Japanese instant noodles. Instant ramen and ramyun are still made similarly, with the noodles being steamed and either air-dried or fried before packaging.