Chopsticks over a bowl of steaming ramen
Ramen Fans Will Love The Hawaiian Noodle Dish Saimin
Saimin is a Hawaiian noodle soup that uses a dashi-based broth and plenty of toppings, similar to ramen. However, saimin uses unique egg noodles with a softer texture.
The toppings used in saimin take inspiration from Japanese, Chinese, and American influences, with popular choices including Spam, char siu, kamaboko, nori, and eggs.
More modern versions add dried shellfish, dried shiitakes, pork bones, and/or chicken stock to the dashi broth, with toppings like radish, corn, mushrooms, and shrimp tempura.
Like ramen, saimin is customizable, full of umami flavors, and available everywhere from restaurants to convenience stores, and even at Hawaiian McDonald's at one point in time.
Saimin also comes in a "dry" variety made with toppings but no soup. It's similar to chow mein and various noodle stir-fries, pointing to Chinese and Filipino influences.