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Rafanata: The Italian Potato Frittata With A Potent Kick
Italian cuisine is one of the most popular in the world. However, the Italian food that is known worldwide is just a fraction of the dishes available throughout the country. The frittata is one Italian dish that has many different variations throughout the country, like rafanata, a potato frittata dish from the southeastern region, Basilicata.
Like most frittatas, rafanata is based on eggs, and requires about eight eggs to make; the other two ingredients that set this dish apart are potatoes and horseradish. The potatoes are mashed before being added and add some body to the creamy dish, while the horseradish adds a nice zest that pairs well with the creamy egg and potato dish.
To make rafanata, start with mashed potatoes — or you can opt for thinly sliced potatoes — then mix in your eggs, salt, pepper, pecorino cheese, and grated horseradish; cook your rafanata over medium-high heat, then pop it in the oven under the broiler to let the egg set, and serve in wedges with mustard or sour cream on top.