Bowl of Queimada on fire
Queimada, The Traditional Galician Drink That's Set On Fire
In the northwest corner of Spain lies the secluded community of Galicia, known for its remote beaches, lush forests, seafood, and queimada, a fiery and spooky drink.
Queimada is traditionally made with orujo, a grape-flavored 100-proof liquor, but grappa is a good substitute. It also has sugar, lemon peels, coffee beans, and cinnamon sticks.
Queimada is often served in a large, fire-proof bowl that is lit on fire. Once the flames turn blue, the fire can be put out and the beverage can be enjoyed immediately.
Likely originating in medieval times, queimada has become synonymous with Witches’ Night and Halloween celebrations. Lots of ritual is involved in its consumption.
A modern addition is a famous Gallego spell that’s often spoken when the drink is being lit on fire and stirred. The spell's main purpose is to keep evil spirits away.