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Qidreh: The Palestinian Rice Dish You Need To Try
Palestinian cuisine boasts a number of delicious dishes, one of which is Qidreh, a meaty rice dish traditionally made with lamb, though some versions use chicken. The meat is cooked with chickpeas in a spiced broth, then the whole mixture is served atop the bed of flavorful rice that makes for an appealing presentation.
Often served during holidays like Ramadan and Eid, or at social gatherings like weddings and other special occasions, Qidreh is meant to be shared with a crowd. Traditionally, it’s prepared in a heavy copper or brass pot that is placed in a communal wood-fired oven, and bone-in lamb makes for a rich and flavorful result.
The meat is first cooked in water with spices like cinnamon, cardamon, and allspice, then browned in butter and garlic. Chickpeas, rice, spices, and broth are added to the pot to allow the rice to cook, and the finished Qidreh is served with sides like Greek yogurt, fresh veggies, and/or a chopped salad made from vegetables and herbs.