A cheesy squash casserole.
Put Summer Squash In Your Tuna Casserole For A Unique Burst Of Flavor
Summer squash, tuna, and cheese might sound like a bad combination of flavors, but together they actually add a unique burst of flavor to a tuna casserole.
Summer squash’s light and pleasant notes pair surprisingly well with the tuna's briny, savory taste and the cheese's tanginess, giving the dish a subtle layer of extra flavor.
Summer squash also adds a tender-crisp texture that's quite fun to bite into, especially when contrasted by the cheese's stringy creaminess.
Zucchini and yellow squash are some of the most common choices for casseroles, but don’t be afraid to try patty pan squash, straightneck squash, chayote squash, or zephyr squash.
Each variety has its own unique taste and texture, and you can also combine a few and see where the flavor journey takes you.
When the tuna, cheese, and summer squash of your choice are baked together, they unfold into a golden, hearty mixture that melts decadently onto the taste buds.