Tuna salad sandwich cut in half
Put In Yogurt To Lighten Your Tuna Salad While Keeping It Creamy
If you want to make your tuna salad lighter without losing its deliciously creamy texture, use a generous dollop of plain yogurt in place of the standard all-mayo dressing.
Many recipes that use plain yogurt call for a half mayo and half yogurt dressing, but you can play with the ratio for a slightly heavier or more light tuna salad.
The mild yet creamy yogurt pairs beautifully with all sorts of crunchy vegetables you might add to your tuna, including diced celery, cucumber, or red onions.
A thick Greek-style yogurt also won't make the salad mixture runny. It will have a classic tuna salad consistency that you use in sandwiches, on crackers, and more.
Finally, yogurt has less calories and more protein than mayo, helping you feel full without eating large quantities of a mayo-based salad, which can turn some eaters' stomachs.