Harira soup in a bowl on a patterned mat on a wood surface
Pureed Veggies Are All You Require For Creamy Bean Soup Without Any Dairy
Many bean soup recipes purée most of the soup in order to reap the benefits of the beans' creaminess, but you can also amplify the consistency and nutrition with puréed veggies.
While heavy cream or a buttery roux are common creamy additions to elevate soups, puréed veggies are the best dairy-free, low-calorie, and healthy alternative.
After making and simmering your soup, ladle some of the hot liquid into a blender, processor, or bowl with the vegetables you want to purée. Blend it all together until smooth.
Once your mixture of veggies and broth has a uniformly smooth consistency, simply add it to your pot of bean soup and stir to combine.
While any puréed vegetables will work, remember to consider taste and texture. For creaminess with a minimal effect on flavor, add neutral veggies like potatoes and cauliflower.
Starchy vegetables and root vegetables offer a thicker, heftier purée. Broccoli, asparagus, and even bunches of fresh herbs are lighter options to create a creamy broth.
When using canned or frozen vegetables, look for ones that align with the flavor profile of the soup, such as using Greek marinated vegetables for a Mediterranean chickpea soup.
Puréed vegetables can also enhance the flavor in bean soup. For example, hominy, fresh jalapeños, and a handful of cilantro can deliver a burst of savory, herbaceous spiciness.