(Original Caption) 4/1946: President Harry S. Truman seated at his desk holding a pencil.
Food - Drink
President Truman Drank A Shot Bourbon With His OJ Every Morning
Many U.S. Presidents are known to have interesting food and drink preferences, including Harry S. Truman, who is famous for his love of bourbon. He was even known to enjoy a shot of it each morning with his orange juice, except for a period in 1947, when he invoked a 60-day moratorium on all bourbon production.
Truman's sacrifice of his favorite liquor was rather heroic — he did it in an effort to set aside grain for food-insecure peoples in other nations. At other times, Truman enjoyed a shot per day due to doctor's orders, which also included an orange juice chaser, morning walk, and a breakfast of eggs, toast, bacon, cereal, and milk.
Truman's appreciation of America's native whiskey was pretty good for his approval rating, and his mandated bourbon embargo was surprisingly good for his reputation, too. The fact that he did not allow his personal feelings about bourbon to color his humanitarian policy-making made him all that more popular during his time in office.