Cured lemon slices on a white plate
Preserved Lemons Are The Vegan Way For A Umami Flavor Boost
Umami is a savory flavor found in foods like meat, anchovies, and cheese. Since none of these are vegan, those who follow plant-based diets need umami from other sources.
Popular vegan sources of umami include soy sauce, miso, mushrooms, olives and sun-dried tomatoes. However, preserved lemons can pack an impressive punch, too.
While fresh lemons will provide a nice hit of acid, preserved lemons offer even more in terms of flavor. Preserving the fruit in plenty of salt makes them less sour and more savory.
Jars of preserved lemons are also filled with a natural brine. The lemon peel is most often used, but the whole fruit and brine can also provide salty savoriness to vegan recipes.
Preserved lemon brine should be used sparingly due to its strong taste. Any part of the fruits will work wonders in vegan salads, vinaigrette, soups, condiments, and even drinks.