Bottle of vinegar with rosemary inside
Preserve Homegrown Herbs In Appetizing Infused Vinegars
To preserve your home-grown herbs before they go bad, consider using them to create flavored vinegars that will last for months. You can even choose from different types of vinegar.
Clear white vinegar absorbs flavors well, but is more sharp and acidic. Rice vinegars have a mild and light quality, and cider vinegars made from fruits are sweeter than others.
Wash and pat your herbs dry before infusing them. Some experts recommend dipping them in a solution of ½ teaspoon unscented bleach and 3 cups of water to eliminate bacteria.
To try infusing, press down on a few tarragon sprigs or five basil leaves gently to release their oils, then place them in a sterile glass jar. Next, simmer a cup of white vinegar.
Simmer (don't boil) your vinegar on the stove, then pour it carefully over the herbs and let it cool before sealing. For the deepest flavor, leave it in the fridge for two weeks.
Next, remove the herbs and any other additions to the vinegar, then transfer the vinegar into a tightly-capped glass container, where it will last in the fridge for three months.
Different vinegars provide different flavors, so experiment with varieties as well as additions besides herbs, like lemon zest, orange peel, cinnamon sticks, or chili peppers.