Celebrity chef Ina Garten in a kitchen.
Present Potato Chips At Your Dinner Party The Ina Garten Way
Like many, chef Ina Garten stocks store-bought chips in her kitchen to serve at parties, but she likes to make them look fancier by considering what she serves them in.
Instead of leaving potato chips in a ripped-open bag on your countertop, make the extra effort to set the chips into one of the more attractive bowls you own.
"I present them in a really pretty silver bowl, so they look special," Gartner said in an Instagram post. You can also sprinkle nori powder on top or use a variety of potato chips.
Get creative by placing potato chips on a charcuterie board or using parfait glasses to portion out individual servings for guests.
Crack fresh black pepper over the chips or grate parmesan cheese on top to further refine your appetizers. Guests will want to repeat your presentation skills at their own parties.