Prairie Buzz cocktail
Prairie Buzz Is The Rich Coffee Cocktail That Combines Whiskey With Cold Brew
If you enjoy coffee cocktails like the espresso martini, the more potent Prairie Buzz could be your new favorite drink. This combo of cold brew and whiskey is an underrated gem.
The Prairie Buzz is a combination of Scotch whiskey, amaretto liqueur, cold brew coffee, simple syrup, whole milk, and a dash of ground cinnamon or a shot of cinnamon syrup.
The amaretto adds a complex, almond-like sweetness to the bold coffee, and Rieger's Kansas City Whiskey infused with sherry is an excellent choice to add rich and nutty notes.
To make a Prairie Buzz, combine all the ingredients in a shaker without ice, giving it a
vigorous dry shake. Then, add ice and shake again.
Strain the drink over a single large ice cube in a rocks glass to finish. Some recipes call for an added splash of Chinato, an earthy and aromatic wine infused with bark and herbs.
This cocktail works with homemade, store-bought, and even caffeine-free cold brew. Coffee creamer in place of milk makes the drink sweeter, while plant milk makes it dairy-free.
Nutmeg, a cinnamon stick, and espresso beans all make great Prairie Buzz toppings. It's a full-bodied, lightly spiced, bittersweet cocktail that's amazing any way you make it.