Roast smothered in roasted garlic, olive oil, fresh herbs, sea salt and pepper with asparagus, baby potatoes, and carrots
Powdered Soup Mix Is The Unexpected Ingredient To Level Up Pot Roast
Most of the flavor in a classic pot roast comes from the broth or gravy. If a simple stock-based sauce is too bland to you, add powdered soup mix, which is packed with flavor.
Simply rub the soup mix on the outside of your pot roast like you would with any other seasoning. You’ll want to be careful with how much you use, since instant soup is salty.
The soup mix adds a concentrated dose of umami flavor to the meat and liquid. It's essentially a ready-to-use mix of herbs and seasonings with other flavor enhancers.
There are tons of flavors to choose from as well. A beef stew or stock mix will give your pot roast a boost of meaty flavor, while onion or mushroom soup mix adds savory depth.