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Pour Over Coffee Vs. Automatic Drip: What's The Difference?
An automatic drip machine is the American standard for at-home coffee making, but there’s another easy way to make coffee called the pour-over method. While an automatic drip machine only requires the user to add the coffee grounds and water and hit "start," the pour-over method is both more low-tech and a little more hands-on.
To make pour-over coffee, you need a pour-over pot that can support a coffee filter; coffee grounds; and a way to boil water, like a teapot. After adding the coffee grounds to the filter, you can control the temperature of the water and the speed at which you pour it through the grounds, which affects the taste of the coffee.
As for the spread of the water throughout the coffee, automatic drip machines release water onto coffee grounds from several small spigots, but pour-over allows you to soak the grounds more thoroughly with one strong stream. Automatic drip is a more convenient method, but pour-over allows you to tailor your coffee to your taste.