Potato wedges in plate with sauce, on wooden table
Potato Wedges Are The Elevated Way To Relish The Taste Of Salt And Vinegar Chips
Salt and vinegar potato chips are beloved by many, and if you're craving those flavors in a snack that's way more substantial, you can transform these chips into potato wedges.
This recipe essentially reverts the chip back into its original form. You slice potatoes into wedges, boil in vinegar, bake them or throw them on a grill, then toss with salt.
Whether you decide to grill or roast the wedges, parboil them in vinegar to infuse them with flavor and ensure that the wedges end up with a moist interior and crispy edges.
Choose large, firm potatoes like russets or Yukon. Once your wedges have dried out and cooled off a bit after parboiling, coat them in oil and sprinkle them with coarse sea salt.
Choose a neutral oil like avocado or safflower to cook the wedges before serving them with vinegar. They have high smoke points and won't obscure the tanginess of the vinegar.