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Potato Frittatas Will Please Both Your Heart And Wallet
With inflation rising and grocery store food prices increasing, everyday home cooking has become a bit of an investment. Still, nothing beats home-cooked meals, and potato frittata is a simple and perfect comfort food made of affordable staples, and it will warm your heart and benefit your wallet.
Our Spanish Tortilla with Purple Potatoes recipe, which is linked at the end of this story, is made with eggs, purple potatoes, onions, and shallots; takes 30 minutes to bake; serves ten people; and costs about $1.06 per serving. These calculations are based on prices at Whole Foods in Brooklyn, New York.
As of September 2022, the prices of ingredients at this Whole Foods are half a dozen eggs at $2.90, two medium yellow onions at $2.49, a bundle of green onions at $0.99, and one and three-quarters of purple potatoes at $4.18. Buying potatoes in bulk is also a great option to trim costs further.